JP Schools Names Teachers of the Year

The Jefferson Parish Public School System named its district winners for the Louisiana Department of Education’s Teacher of the Year.

The following teachers are now eligible to become the 2020 Louisiana Teacher of the Year.

Teacher of the Year winners are:

  • C.T. Janet Elementary – Jamie Staes
  • Riverdale Middle – Kayla Allen
  • Thomas Jefferson High – Lauren Termine

“We expect excellence every single day in Jefferson Parish Schools, and these teachers model that for their students and colleagues,” said JPPSS Superintendent Dr. Cade Brumley. “We’re proud to have these professionals represent the over 3,000 teachers in Jefferson, and wish them the best in their consideration for Louisiana Teacher of the Year.”

In partnership with Dream Teachers, the Louisiana Department of Education annually honors the state’s most exceptional educators through the Teacher of the Year program. The Louisiana Teacher of the Year awards program provides an opportunity to acknowledge those educators who are making exceptional gains with students.

Janet Elementary’s Jamie Staes celebrates with her students after being named Teacher of the Year.

JPPSS Elementary School Teacher of the Year Jamie Staes teaches second grade at C.T. Janet Elementary. Staes has been an educator for five years. She works to create a welcoming environment in her classroom where all children feel loved, valued, and respected. Staes strives to make sure her students understand the purpose behind their work. She teaches kids the importance of having a growth mindset and in the “power of yet.”

“I begin to hear the student speak differently and the students themselves begin to take notice in how they have grown and how they have become much better in a particular subject,” said Staes. “Students realize they are allowed to make mistakes and they begin to try more and they feel more confident asking questions.”

Riverdale Middle’s Kayla Allen is surprised with the news she’s the Teacher of the Year.

JPPSS Middle School Teacher of the Year Kayla Allen teaches sixth grade technology and science at Riverdale Middle. Allen has been a teacher for six years. She says the foundation of her success comes first and foremost from loving her students. Allen feels it is her job to appreciate her students for who they are and to always look beyond background or abilities in order to help each child do their best.

“When I look into my classroom I don’t see a group of students who need to pass a state test or must master every skill, I see individual students who all need love, respect, and guidance,” said Allen.

JPPSS High School Teacher of the Year Lauren Termine teaches English and AP language and composition at Thomas Jefferson High. She has been a teacher for six years. Termine feels it is important to help students find success in the classroom and outside of school. That’s one of the reasons she is not only involved in extracurricular activities at Thomas Jefferson, but also strives to connect her lessons to the real world.

“It is important that my students see the importance of a work and are able to relate it back to their lives in some way,” said Termine. ”Having them relate to the texts we are reading has made my lessons more engaging.”