JP Schools Hires Lt. David Malveaux as Director of School Safety

Jefferson Parish Schools has announced the hiring of David Malveaux as the district’s new Director of School Safety. Malveaux is currently a Lieutenant for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office. Malveaux has served with JPSO for 31 years, 13 of those years as a supervisor for school resource officers (SRO) in JP Schools. He was also the SRO for John Ehret High for 10 years.

In this new role for the district, Malveaux will work closely with school and district leaders to ensure safe school environments for students and staff. He will serve as a liaison between the district and parish government, ensure the district and schools are in compliance with rules and regulations, assist schools that need additional assistance ensuring student safety and welfare, and conduct annual safety training for school-level emergency teams.

“The safety of our students is our top responsibility,” said JP Schools Superintendent Dr. Cade Brumley. “One of the priorities we outlined in our 2024 strategic plan is to provide safe, healthy, and modern schools. Lt. Malveaux will help us get there. He’ll be a great asset for our district, schools, and families. This is another example of us bringing the highest level of talent into the Jefferson Parish School System.”

Malveaux has a long history in law enforcement, supervising law enforcement officers, and collaborating with Jefferson Parish Schools. He is certified by the National Association of School Resource Officers.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to continue our work with Lt. Malveaux,” said JP Schools Chief District Affairs Officer Germaine Gilson. “We’ve been partnering with him in his position with JPSO. We look forward to him sharing his knowledge and expertise with us to benefit all of JP Schools.”