JP Schools Announces New PK-8 Principal Appointments for 2019-20

The Jefferson Parish School Board unanimously approved the creation of nine new PK-8 schools during its meeting on March 13. These schools will serve students from prekindergarten until the 8th grade starting with the 2019-20 school year. Below are the principal appointments that have been made so far for the 2019-20 school year. These individuals will lead the PK-8 schools created during the March board meeting. You can learn more about our plan for advancing the PK-8 model at this link.

Alexander Elementary: Leslie Harrison

Leslie Harrison is the current principal of Alexander Elementary. Under her leadership, Alexander has improved its letter grade and been recognized by the Louisiana Department of Education as a Top Gains school.


Audubon Elementary: Dr. Emily Anderson

Emily Anderson is the current principal of Audubon Elementary. Anderson, who earned her Ed.D from Liberty University in Virginia, helped the school earn a B for its most recent student progress rating.


Bissonet Plaza Elementary: Audrey Easley

Audrey Easley is the current principal of Bissonet Plaza Elementary. With Easley at the helm, the school has been named Top Gains by the state and recently earned a B for student progress.


Cherbonnier-Rillieux Elementary: Cristin Menyweather

Cristin Menyweather is the current principal of Cherbonnier-Rillieux Elementary. In 2014, she was recognized with the School Leader of the Year Award from The Achievement Network (ANet).


Ford Elementary: Terri Howard

Terri Howard is the current principal of Strehle Elementary. Strehle Elementary was one of five JP Schools to improve its School Performance Score this past year despite a more rigorous formula being used by the state.



Roosevelt Elementary: John Starr

John Starr is the current principal of Riviere Elementary. Under his leadership,  Riviere has consistently maintained an A or B rating and was one of 13 JP Schools named an Equity Honoree by the state for its progress with students with disabilities, economically disadvantaged students, and English language learners. Starr is an educational administration doctoral candidate at the University of New Orleans.


Truman Elementary: Terry Johnson

Terry Johnson is the current principal of Truman Middle. Johnson, who also served Truman as acting and assistant principal, has been principal of Truman Middle since 2015.


Woodmere Elementary: Cecily White

Cecily White is the current principal of Woodmere Elementary. Along with her work as a classroom teacher, White has experience as a resident principal, assistant principal, school leader, and division head. Woodmere Elementary transitioned back into a traditional school in JP Schools this school year.