Jefferson Parish Public Schools Demonstrate Progress on More Challenging 2014 State Tests

Newly released 2014 test scores for elementary and middle schools demonstrate that the Jefferson Parish Public School System (JPPSS) continues to show strong progress when compared to overall state performance on the iLEAP and LEAP state tests. This improvement in academic performance is especially notable given that the 2014 state tests were updated to align with the more challenging Common Core State Standards.

The district’s average percentage of students in grades 3 to 8 scoring basic and above in 2014 increased to 67 percent, up 1 point from the year prior. The district’s growth outperformed the state average growth, which remained flat at 69 percent. In the last four years, JPPSS has grown by 7 percentage points, growing more rapidly than any other district of its size; this also places the district in the top 20 percent of growth among all districts in the state. The state average increased by 4 percentage points during the same time period.

“We are pleased with the district’s continued improvements, as it shows that our elementary and middle school students are rising to the challenge of higher expectations set by the state,” said Superintendent James Meza, Jr. “This was a year of tremendous change for our students, teachers, principals, and families with the full implementation of the Common Core, and these results are a validation of their hard work.”

In the first full year of Common Core aligned tests, JPPSS was one of 31 districts to improve the percentage of students at basic and above; 44 other districts either declined or stayed flat.

In addition, JPPSS made rapid gains in the percentage of students that meet the higher bar of mastery and above, with an increase of 2 points in 2014 compared to the state average increase of 1 point. Students in Jefferson Parish also demonstrated significant gains in mathematics when compared to the state as a whole; in fact, more than 27 percent (or 5,349 students) scored mastery or above in math in JPPSS, greater than the 25 percent of students at the state level.

“Not only have our students sustained the gains they have made in the past few years, but they have also shown rapid growth in reaching mastery and above this year. These results show that we are headed in the right direction as we move towards the 2025 expectations that the state has set to ensure that our students can compete with their peers from across the country and the world,” said Meza.

Complete 2014 data released by the Louisiana Department of Education can be found on its website at