Haynes City Park Night for Friends and Family

On a recent evening, friends and family of the Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies took over Storyland at City Park enjoying rides, games, refreshments, and fun.

The event, a fundraiser for the theater department, began three years ago and has grown to its current attendance of over 900 with proceeds going to support the next Haynes event – Fall Festival.
“Fall Festival is a great event; it takes a lot of planning and design by the students, but it gets them so excited about theater, arts, and music,” said Rene Piazza, talented theater teacher.

Haynes principal Karla Russo was glad to see the large number of people that came out to support the school.

“I really have to give it to Mr. Piazza,” she said. “He is so good at coming up with fundraising ideas that include the entire family.”

Following the fall festival, the Haynes theater department will stage a production of an original comedy by Piazza entitled “Romeo and Juliet – A West Side Story” that will be held at the East Jefferson High School Auditorium in late November.