Haynes Academy Ices the Competition, Earns Sucre Party & School “Dough”

Haynes Academy Principal Karla Russo accepts her school’s Sucre Cupcake Challenge donation from Joel Dondis (left) and Tariq Hanna (right) of Sucre.

Sitting on one end of the Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies field were tables of perfectly decorated Sucre cupcakes. About 75 yards away, Haynes Academy students were gathering for their much anticipated reward. The gates opened. What was once nearly 1,000 sweet treats dwindled, as the crowd of smiling middle and high school students grew.

“Everybody’s been working hard all semester,” said Haynes Academy Principal Karla Russo, “so to have this little reward has been special for them.”

The special Friday afternoon was courtesy of Sucre and the local sweet boutique’s Cupcake Challenge. Sixteen schools competed for a $1,ooo donation and the winter party. Haynes Academy students, staff, and supporters purchased the most Sucre cupcakes and shared their treats on social media using the hashtag #icethecompetition.

“They love showing their Haynes pride and going to get a cupcake at the same time,” said Russo.

Sucre chef and partner Tariq Hanna said this is one of the ways his business can give back to fans for their support. He is especially connected to supporting those who teach others.

“One of the things I’ve always been very passionate about is not only teaching in my kitchen, but actually teaching at the college and high school level,” said Hanna. “In every aspect, be it high school, be it culinary schools, I think it’s paramount to do whatever we can do to support everybody that needs it.”

Russo plans to use the money to upgrade some of the school’s classroom technology. That’s a fitting beneficiary, as technology helped Haynes earn the extra funds. Haynes has a strong presence on social media, which served them well in this competition. The school tells its story through Facebook and Instagram, and there are also Haynes Academy parent organizations that use social media to communicate.

“We’re a really great school,” said Russo, “and we really just want the community to know what’s going on at Haynes.”

Click through the photo gallery below to see some of the sights from Haynes Academy’s cupcake challenge party. You can see all our photos from the event at this link.