Haynes Academy Graduate Among Exclusive Group of Female Scientists


Nameera Islam

Haynes Academy Class of 2018 graduate Nameera Islam is one of just seven students named a 2018 Emmy Noether Scholar by the Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation. Emmy Noether Scholars are a network of young female scientists from Louisiana and Mississippi who will continue to grow over the years to provide network and collaboration opportunities for the group.

“It’s a small community,” said Islam, who’s also a National Merit Scholar, “and it’s nice to know that there are other girls who have the same interest as me.”

Through activities like volunteering at the zoo, Islam said science has always been an interest. That interest began to grow into something more through her research in the Tulane University labs. Just last summer she studied water quality as part of the Tulane Emerging Scholars program. Islam plans to attend Tulane to study public health.

“It’s such a broad field,” said Islam, “and you can look at it from the environmental perspective, from the behavior perspective, the community perspective.”

Islam is excited about what college will bring and doesn’t want to limit where science takes her. That’s also the advice she has for young girls interested in the field.

“Whatever program you can get your hands on, just try it,” said Islam. “Get involved.”