Harris Middle School Chess Team Check Mates Team National Competition

Two Boys and Three Girls Place in Top 15 In the U.S. In Individual Games 

The T. H. Harris Middle School Chess team, the Black Knights, achieved an outstanding performance at the 6th Annual Susan Polger World Open Scholastic Chess Tournament for Boys and Girls held recently in Chicago.

The Harris boys’ team placed first in the 6th-8th grade team bracket.The Harris girls’ team also placed first in the 6th-8th grade team bracket.

Three girls, Tirzah Howard, Angela Nguyen, and Sarah Cambre placed in the Top 10 in the individual competition. Two boys, Justin Erdal and James Snee, both placed in the Top 15 in the individual competition.The Black Knights are sponsored by teacher Don Shannon and assisted by Dave Seeman.

More than $100,000 in prizes, trophies, and a scholarship to Texas Tech University were awarded at the tournament.

Susan Polger is a Chess Grandmaster and winner of 4 Women’s World Chess Championships whose foundation sponsors chess tournaments around the world each year.

Earlier this year, the Harris Black Knights placed well in individual and team competition at a regional tournament in New Orleans.

Congratulations to the Harris Black Knights chess team!