Harris Elementary Students Get Hands-On Exploring Swamps, Wetlands


Nashly Brenton, Selena Kanalos and Ranger Stacy

After completing their Cajun trickster tale unit and learning about classifying animals, Mildred Harris Elementary third graders partnered with Jean Lafitte National Historic Park and Preserve to explore the swamps and wetlands. At their local Barataria Wildlife Education Center, students went on a nature hike and then got busy digging in the “marsh muck” with Ranger Stacy. After returning back to school, the students began working on creating a class book, A Day in the Muck, about their adventures. Here are some of their observations.

“At first I was scared to put my hands in the muck, but once I saw my partner do it I tried too.” – Selena Kanalos

“Selena and I found a tiny fish and a baby crawfish in our net!”
– Nashly Breton

“I like that my classmates and I got to dig in the swamp with a net. Brianna and I pulled out a newt!” – Keira Bush

“I scooped the net and saw something moving on the deck, so we got Ranger Stacy. She told us we had found a newt!” – Brianna Rodrigue

“We found a baby crawfish and put it in our tank! It just kept swimming around. Then we caught a baby fish. It kept trying to get away from the crawfish because it was its predator.” – Ashton Hines

“I found a baby crawfish. It was my favorite part. I want to go back to show my mom and my family.” – Mo’ Nae Johnson