Harris Celebrates the Season through Annual Holiday Program

Recently, the students of T.H. Harris Middle School gathered in the gym for their annual holiday program. The program featured performances from the Harris cheerleaders and dance team, as well as holiday selections from the band and choir.

According to principal Otis Guichet, programs like this holiday celebration are a great motivator for students.

“It builds camaraderie among the students and school spirit. We want them to be serious about academics, but it is also good to have fun at school. It gives them a reason to be vested in the school,” he said.

In addition to the entertainment, the results of the annual “penny drive” were announced at the event. The drive is a grade level competition where students put pennies in their grade level jugs and receive a point per penny. If students put any other coins or bills in the other grade level jugs, then that grade loses points equal to the amount of the donation.

The funds raised go to the parent/teacher group. Funds from this year’s drive will be used to treat all the eight grade students who achieve basic or above in each component of the spring standardized test to an outing.

Photos from the event are available on the JPPSS Flickr page.