Hands On Learning at Metairie Academy

The traveling Mobile Oilfield Learning Unit recently visited Metairie Academy. The unit is sponsored by the oilfield industry and has six, self-contained, kiosk-style learning stations. The stations feature curriculum-based, hands-on activities about energy, and the technologies and sciences involved with the oil and natural gas industry.

“I am so excited to have this here,” said Conchetta Tillery, 5th grade science teacher at Metairie Academy. “It gives children the opportunity to see how the oil is drilled, what products are made from the oil – and they see the robotics that are being used during the drilling process.”

Tillery attended an all day class in Baton Rouge to learn about the unit and bring it to her school.
A total of six companies pulled together to make a positive impact on the community by pooling their resources to develop the unit. They also included educators to advise them about the best way to present the material.

“This is 100 percent engagement. The students don’t want to leave. If they could stay all day, this would be my classroom,” laughed Tillery.