Greenlawn School Awarded $65,000 For Library Makeover

One of the country’s largest banks, a major retailer, and a non-profit organization teamed up to give Greenlawn Elementary School a library makeover.

Capital One, Target, and the Heart of America Foundation have partnered to award a $65,000 READesign grant to Greenlawn Elementary School to revitalize the school’s library.

The READesign® Library Makeover revitalizes elementary school libraries that engage children in learning, creating a love of reading. Each themed READesign® Library Makeover includes 1,000-2,000 new, high-quality library books, new furniture, and vibrant paint, murals or original paintings by a nationally recognized artist.

The READesign® Library Makeover program engages volunteers, especially local youth, as well as corporate team members and other members of the community, in service and community involvement through library beautification and improvement activities, book distributions, and one-on-one reading activities with children. The project provides tangible results in the form of a revitalized library, as well as the intangible results of engaging people in caring, compassionate community service to children in need.