Community Assist Helps Grace King High Develop a Green Culture

Along with being one of the school colors for Grace King High, green is commonly associated with environmental awareness and sustainability. Grace King students are now helping their campus “go green” after the school was awarded a grant to make recycling a common practice at the KINGdom.

“We are so excited to have recycling at Grace King,” said Grace King High environmental science teacher Stephanie Seidmon, who led the school’s efforts through the recycling club. “The students have really stepped up to lead this major change in the school’s culture because they see the benefit it carries for their future.”

Thanks to an $8,700 grant from Keep Louisiana Beautiful, every classroom at Grace King will have its own green recycling bin. The school’s courtyard and cafeteria will also have recycling bins. The Jefferson Parish Department of Environmental Affairs (JPDEA) applied for the grant through Keep America Beautiful.

“Working with Stephanie has been really inspiring,” said JPDEA intern Sarah Larock. “Her group of kids have been absolutely leaders in creating this program and sharing it with their peers and educating their peers.”

Grace King held a recycling kickoff week in November the week before bins were placed around campus. Each day included a 30 minute lesson on the importance of recycling, what recyclable materials become, and what can be recycled. Thursday included a culminating rally where students celebrated the coming addition with games, special videos, and presentations.

“It just makes students invested in the whole process,” said Seidmon. “It’s a very celebratory event and the students should be very proud of our school.”

Progressive Waste Solutions will pick up the school’s recyclable materials, and even took students on a field trip to its recycling center in Baton Rouge.

“This program today has been amazing,” said Progressive Waste Solutions Recycling Coordinator Diane Crouch. “The kids were so excited about the games, which I thought we so well planned. Great job to Grace King.”