Google Expedition Visits Airline Park Academy

The Google Expeditions team brought augmented reality to the student’s hands at Airline Park Elementary. Students had the opportunity to observe dinosaurs, planets, and asteroids right in their own classroom. The 3D objects are placed inside the classroom using Google’s AR technology. Students can get in close with the objects to spot details, walk around the objects, and step back to see the full object.

“Wow! It was really fun. I think I enjoyed it as much as the kids did,” said Airline Park Elementary Librarian Elizabeth Eckerle. “It really is sparking imagination and interest.” The impossible became possible as the students were able to see things they would normally never see in their classroom.

The students were able to get more creative with the 3D objects as their experience moved forward. Dinosaurs walked across student’s laps, planets were held in the palms of hands, and tornado’s swirled around heads. “This is a group that is interested in a lot of things,” said Eckerle. “But to get the reaction we had today takes a lot and this is something they definitely would be interested in doing again.” After the experience was over the students were asked to participate in an evaluation of the program. Each student was highly satisfied and would want to do something like augmented reality again.

After a request from a teacher last year, Google added Airline Park to their schedule. Airline Park Academy is lucky to be one of five schools in Louisiana and the only public school in the state to receive this expedition. “We are honored to be chosen to participate in this Google Expedition” said Airline Park Academy principal Tiffani Lebouef.