Gas Leak Cleared Near Geraldine Boudreaux Elementary

Gas leak causes limited access to neighborhoods for bus drivers.

Friday, April 24 – A gas leak was reported near Geraldine Boudreaux Elementary School around dismissal time today. JPPSS has confirmed that the school, students, faculty, and surrounding areas are safe. However, some parts of the neighborhood remain closed as a precaution. The transportation department anticipates that buses will have limited access to certain streets as they return students home for the day.

If a closed street prevents a child from Boudreaux Elementary from being dropped off at home, he or she will be returned to campus at 950 Behrman Highway in Terrytown for pickup. Employees will remain on campus to supervise students until all students return home safely.

School staff is immediately calling all parents and/or guardians affected by the situation to notify them if it is necessary to pick up a child from the school.

6:11 PM Update
The gas leak has been repaired. As streets open around the area, school administrators are in contact with parents to make sure that students are returning home as soon as possible.

For more information, parents may call the front office at (504) 393-8732.