Ford Students Elect Student Council Using Real Voting Machines

In order to encourage more student involvement in the school, Henry Ford Middle School recently held elections for a student council. Instead of holding elections with traditional paper ballots, however, Ford social studies teacher Tiffany Blackwell decided that the election should be more authentic – so she contacted the Secretary of State’s office to bring in actual voting machines used in state elections.

“In the classroom, we are discussing the responsibilities of a citizen, the role of a citizen and the role of being an active participant in your community,” Blackwell said. “That’s why we have the voting machines today.”

According to the Jonathan Williams, public information officer for the Secretary of State’s office, bringing the voting machines to schools and other places introduces the voting process to those who may not have the chance to see it on Election Day.

“We use the same machines that are used during the actual elections,” said Williams. “I think it’s a great thing that the kids are able to use them because it gives them the same experience as their parents and other citizens who are able to vote.”