First Readings from the November 15, 2018 School Board Meeting

First Reading authored by Ms. Denapolis-Bosarge

Move to settle the Amzie Pigott case under terms to be discussed in executive session next month.

First Reading authored by Ms. Bourgeois

With the master strategic facilities plan approval that recommends enhanced career tech at Ehret and Bonnabel as well as a stand-alone career tech center, move that the administration establish a committee on Career Tech Curriculum. The committee that would include but not limited to JPPSS administration including curriculum and CTE, school-based CTE staff, leadership of JEDCO, Jeff Chamber of Commerce, JBC, WBIA, Delgado, UNO, Spanish COC, LADOE and at least 2 major Jefferson Parish employers and 2 small businesses. If approved the committee would start its work in January with a report to the JPPSS school board by April 15, 2019.

First Reading authored by Ms. Kuhn

Move that the Jefferson Parish School Board establishes six advisory committees, chaired and organized by the Superintendent or by a designee of the Superintendent, in order to obtain input on current and proposed policies, to hear concerns and ideas, and to better represent it constituents. These six councils will be titled the Student Advisory council, the Parent Advisory council, the Teacher Advisory Council, the School Leader Advisory council, the English-Language Learner Advisory council, and the Special Education Advisory Council.
Over the next month I will send the specifics of who it will consist of and what their functions will be.

First Reading authored by Mr. Bonura

Move to have the legal department to determine if LOUISIANA Ethic laws of pertaining to Abuse of Power were violated by Sandy Denapolis-Bosarge during the election of 2018.

A. Instructing a Principal under her immediate supervision to mail invitations to employees of the Principal’s School for a meet and greet for candidates.
B. Using Board email system to instruct the Principal.
C. Did the new Principal feel intimidated or threatened?

First Reading authored by Mr. Bonura

Move that a complaint be filed to the Louisiana Ethic Board on the behalf of the Administration and employees of the School against School Board Member Sandy Denapolis-Bosarge.

First Reading authored by Mr. Bonura

Move that the board censure Sandy Denapolis-Bosarge, for violating School Policy GAHB- Political Activities.

First Reading authored by Mr. Bonura

Move that resource officers are at all middle schools.