First Readings from November 30, 2017 Special Session School Board Meeting

First Reading authored by Mr. Floyd

Move that the Board provides $500 to each school that participates in the Dance Challenge to cover the cost of transportation, costumes, and related items.

The schools are: Bridgedale, Mildred Harris, Matas, Paul Solis, William Hart, Audubon, Dolhonde, Hearst, Butler, Harahan, Jefferson, Vic Pitre, Terrytown, Bissonet, Pittman, Gretna Academy, Greenlawn, Ray St. Pierre Academy (Marrero Academy).

First Reading co-authored by Ms. Bourgeois and Mr. Dale

As we continue to focus on Career Tech and are considering some version of a career tech center; JPPSS should have at least 2 school based employees, 1 Central office employee along with our Career Tech Coordinator, complete LDOE CTE Leadership Academy prior to the 2018 school year.