First Readings from July 7, 2016 Jefferson Parish School Board Meeting

First Reading authored by Mr. Dale
Move that this Board enter into a cooperative endeavor agreement with Discovery Health Sciences Foundation, also known as “Kenner Discovery Academy,” for use of the Jefferson Parish School Board’s Loyola tract of land to build a new school at no cost to the Jefferson Parish School Board, to include that, if acceptable property other than the Loyola tract is located for a new Haynes Academy School for Advanced Studies, than Kenner Discovery will be granted use of the entire Loyola tract, but, if an acceptable new site is not found for a new Haynes Academy, than Kenner Discovery Academy will be allowed to use that portion of the Loyola tract not designated for a new Haynes Academy. The details are to be negotiated between the Board and the Discovery Health Sciences Foundation for final approval by the Board.

First Reading authored by Ms. Bourgeois
Move that the Digital Design and Fabrication lab at the Patrick F. Taylor Science and Technology Academy be named the “Phyllis M. Taylor Digital Design and Fabrication Laboratory.”

First Reading authored by Mr. St. Pierre
Move that the board conduct the annual evaluation of the Superintendent pursuant to his contract.