First Readings from July 11 School Board Meeting

First Reading authored by Mark Morgan

First Reading authored by Mr. Morgan: Move that the Jefferson Parish School Board acquire a certain tract of property comprising approximately 40 acres of land together with all the improvements thereon, the same being a portion of the property commonly known as NOLA MOTORSPORTS PARK, for the purpose of establishing a standalone, full day ACADEMY FOR ADVANCED TECHNICAL AND CAREER EDUCATION, to open school year 2019-2020 in partnership and cooperation with local and regional trade and industry professionals.

First Reading authored by Mr. Floyd, for the September 5, 2018 Board Meeting

First Reading, for the September 5, 2018 Board Meeting, authored by Mr. Floyd: Move, that the Board put before the voters, a millage rate of 10. 8 to provide a pay raise for teachers and other employees, to be comparable to salaries paid in other school districts, in the Metro Area. And/or, Consistent with the Board approving a Capital Improvement Plan for the construction of schools, the issuance of general obligation bonds and/or the levy of an ad valorem tax for 3 .85 mills to incur debt and issue bonds not exceeding $250,000,000, to be placed before the voters on December 8, 2018, see attached.

First Reading authored by Mr. Floyd

First Reading authored by Mr. Floyd: Consistent with State Law move that the Board approve the Organizational Chart and Job Descriptions as recommended by the Superintendent, see documents included in the Board packet of the July 11th meeting.