First Readings from January 12, 2016 Jefferson Parish School Board Meeting

First Reading authored by Ms. Bourgeois
Whereas the state of Louisiana has established two new diploma pathways TOPS University diploma and TOPS TECH Jump Start Career diploma and phasing out three diploma pathways, LaCore 4, Basic and Career diplomas. I request that we fully fund and staff our Career/Tech department and before our June regular meeting, goals be established and presented for 2016 – 2017 school year.

Benchmark Goals should include # of students in dual enrollment, # of students who completed industry certifications (CNA, ProStart, Graphic Arts Design, Culinary Arts, Automotive & Microsoft, etc.), # of students who participated in internships and # of businesses involved in advisory committees and/or provided internships and # of students tested and receiving silver level on the WorkKeys assessment. In addition, a review of staffing formulas needs to be completed to determine the needs in career /tech and if adjustments need to be implemented.

And finally, the current Journey to Career class needs to be evaluated with the goal in mind to present to all students in middle school, the opportunities available to them in high school including industry certifications, career tech, and post-secondary opportunities. Counselors should be a part of the class.

First Reading authored by Ms. Bourgeois
That quarterly a report is provided to the board in executive session on pending litigation including filing date, type of case/claims, counsel for plaintiffs and board, potential exposure (low-high) including attorney’s fees and costs, attorney’s fees to date, and current status. This report could be presented as a simple spread sheet that would give the Board members a general sense of pending litigation over time.

First Reading authored by Ms. Bourgeois
Whereas school board members have an obligation to become informed on the proper duties and functions of a school board member, to become familiar with issues that may affect the school district, to acquire a basic understanding of school finance and budgeting, and to acquire sufficient knowledge to comply with federal, state and local laws and school district policies that relate to their functions as school board members. Travel to regional or national meetings of the Louisiana or National School Boards Association is presumed to fulfill this purpose. Travel to other out-of-state meetings for which the member intends to seek reimbursement from the school district must be pre-approved by the school board.

In addition, the school system should evaluate and implement an updated travel policy for Authorized Travel Expense Reimbursement by 4/1/16. The travel procedures stated in this manual apply to employees and authorized individuals eligible to be reimbursed from either tax funds or an Internal Fund account for travel- related expenses. Authorized individuals include Board members, Board administrative assistants, consultants, Title I parents, and chaperones to student travel.

First Reading authored by Mr. Bonura
Move that the school board dedicate the Loyola tract of land as the future site of Haynes Academy for Advanced Studies.