First Readings from February 2, 2016 Jefferson Parish School Board Meeting

First Reading authored by Mr. St. Pierre
Move that the Board approve the naming of the football field at Hoss Memtsas stadium and that it be named the Ray Latoof Field.

First Reading authored by Ms. Denapolis-Bosarge
Move that the mileage reimbursement for those employees who are reimbursed for the use of their personal vehicles for their jobs be adjusted to the IRS standard mileage rate each year. All other rules and regulations on reimbursement will remain in effect.

First Reading authored by Ms. Doucet
Move that we look into a new model to eliminate the traditional 6 th through 8th grade in some of our middle schools.

First Reading authored by Mr. Floyd
Move that the Jefferson Parish School Board settle the lawsuit entitled Plaisance vs Jefferson Parish School Board.