Fancy Footwork At 6th Annual Ballroom Dance Challenge

The elementary students from 23 Jefferson Parish Public Schools will put their best foot forward at the 6th Annual Ballroom Dance Competition to be held at the Pontchartrain Center, April 18th at 6:00p.m.

Hosted by former District 6 board member Martin Marino, the Dance Challenge is the first program of its kind in the greater New Orleans area to feature elementary students performing all five of the major dance styles of ballroom dancing: swing, salsa, meringue, tango, and waltz.

A special professional dance performance by the Wild Dominos, choreographed by former World Swing Dance Champion Nathalie Gomes, will be showcased during the dance competition; as well as, other well-known performers in the dance world.  A special dance presentation by the artists/instructors will also be performed during the competition.

In the Individual Competition, all of the couples will be on the floor at the same time performing each of the dances at a specified time. In the Finals, only six couples out of the 32 were chosen to dance again.

In the Team Competition, the order of the teams is assigned alphabetically by school’s name. Each team is called one by one on the dance floor. All six couples will perform a particular dance.

An expert panel of five judges will decide the winners. All of the judges are professional dancers who’ve competed at major dance events and who teach partner dance. Trophies are awarded to the best couples in each dance, and the top five teams.

Dance Challenge founder Martin Marino led the effort to create a fine arts program that included dance instruction within the school system seven years ago as a former board member.

The dancers perform on a special wooden floor that is constructed exclusively for dance competition.