Dr. Brumley’s 100-Day Plan Weekly Update: June 22

This is the tenth in a weekly series updating the public on the progress of Dr. Cade Brumley’s 100-day entry plan. To view his complete plan, click here. To view a table outlining his progress to date, click here.

One of the major commitments of Dr. Brumley’s 100-day plan was achieved this week when the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) and the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Educationm (BESE) approved plans for the JPPSS Transformation Network. The approved redesign grant will provide the district with an additional $1.7 million in year one with the opportunity for continued funding in subsequent years. The funds will provide extra support and resources for our highest-need schools as part of an equity agenda. The Transformation Network is one of the commitments outlined in Dr. Brumley’s plan, Love to Learn; Learn to Lead: A 100-Day Investment for a Stronger JPPSS.


Here is what Dr. Brumley was up to this week as he works towards completing his plan and helping build a strong foundation for the future of our students.

  • Received approval from the LDOE and BESE for a Transformation Network to provide extra support and resources for our highest-need schools as part of an equity agenda
  • Met with the CEO of the National Institute for Excellence in Teaching about successful implementation of the district’s Transformation Network
  • Met with The Advocate editorial board
  • Met with leadership of United Way
  • Met with the president of Junior Achievement
  • Interviewed with a JPPSS teacher to assist with that educator’s doctoral study surrounding educational policy
  • Served as president of the Louisiana Association of School Superintendents Summer Conference