Dr. Brumley’s 100-Day Plan Weekly Update: First 25 Days

This is the first in a weekly series of posts updating the public on the progress of Dr. Cade Brumley’s 100-day entry plan. To view his complete plan, click here. To view a table outlining his progress to date, click here.

Dr. Brumley spent the day teaching civics at East Jefferson High.

Dr. Brumley spent the day teaching civics at East Jefferson High. He didn’t let the students know who he was until the end of each class.

Dr. Cade Brumley has accomplished quite a bit since he unveiled his 100-day entry plan on March 28. But a highlight so far would have to be when he spent the day teaching civics at East Jefferson High. Spending a day as a classroom teacher is just one of the strategies outlined in his plan, Love to Learn; Learn to Lead: A 100-Day Investment for a Stronger JPPSS.  Here is what Dr. Brumley has done so far as he works towards completing his plan and helping build a strong foundation for the future of our students.

  • Attended the Riverdale High School JROTC Ball, WrestleMania Reading Challenge celebration at Ellis Elementary, Martin Marino’s 12th Annual Dance Challenge, and the Thomas Jefferson High and Ruppel Academy Art Show
  • Hosted listening sessions with JEDCO, union leaders, the Patrick Taylor Foundation, the Jeremiah Group, the University of Holy Cross, and the Jefferson Chamber Education Committee
  • Attended the West Bank Governor’s Luncheon
  • Began the process of identifying an external partner to conduct an equity analysis of all JPPSS functions
  • Scheduled school visits and roundtable sessions with students, educators, and families. These visits will take place at Adams Middle, Alexander Elementary, Cherbonnier-Rillieux Elementary, Fisher Middle-High, Gretna Middle, Harris Middle, Pitre Elementary, Riviere Elementary, and Strehle Elementary