Get Latest District News, Emergency Announcements on JPPSS Mobile App

The latest news and information from the Jefferson Parish Public School System is now available on smartphones with a new mobile app. JPPSS is partnering with Blackboard to expand its communications outreach with a mobile app that is now available in the online iTunes and Google Play app stores for free.

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The mobile app will offer a constantly updated feed of district news and events with photos and links to the district’s website. The app can also be customized by the user by selecting the schools they are most interested in for news and updates. Users can also choose to receive breaking news and updates about school closures, calendar changes, or even sports updates.

“There are many factors that impact student success, and community and parent engagement is certainly near the top of that list,” said JPPSS Superintendent Isaac G. Joseph. “This new mobile app allows us to communicate with our parents and stakeholders in a way they can easily access every day.”