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The Office of Multilingual Learning directs the English as a Second Language (ESL) programs in Jefferson Parish Public Schools. Our goal is to help limited English proficiency students, including immigrant students attain English proficiency, develop high levels of academic performance and meet the same challenging state content and achievement standards that all children are expected to meet.

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The Office of Multilingual Learning ensures students receive instruction that provides them with comprehensible input. This is accomplished through ESL strategies used by ESL certified teachers, bilingual para-professionals who use the native language to the extent needed by the student to understand the content while they are learning English, and general education teachers who are trained in ESL strategies. In addition, to a reasonable extent, parents are provided information in their native language so that they can fully participate in their child’s education. Please contact The Office of Multilingual Learning, or your child’s school for  translation of school documents and interpretation assistance.

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English Proficiency Testing Centers

ESL Testing Centers

Students new to the Jefferson Parish Public School Systems (JPPSS) must test for English Proficiency at the English Proficiency Testing Center if a language other than English is spoken in their home. Federal regulations require this process to assure that all students, regardless of language, are provided equal access to education.

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Name Title Email
Arellano, Gina Bilingual Intake / Registration Clerk
Baltodano, Monica Bilingual Counselor
Casiano-Mercado, Mayra Bilingual ELL Parent Liaison
Castillo, Karina Executive Director of English Language Equity and Acquisition
Cattles, Marcia Interpreter/Translator Liaison
Chatelain, Dalia Bilingual Counselor
Ferreira, Osiris Bilingual Special Education Para
Hernandez, Areli Bilingual ELL Parent Liaison
Riad-Henes, Anwar Bilingual Special Education Para
Tran, Bang Migrant Parent Liaison
Wisinski, Carmen Bilingual Social Worker