Teaching & Learning

The Office of Teaching and Learning

Dr. James Gray, Chief of Schools

GOAL: The goal of the Office of Teaching and Learning is to propel the Jefferson Parish Public School System to become the fastest growing school system in the state of Louisiana. In order to achieve this goal for the 2018-2019 academic year, JPPSS Teaching and Learning will invest in the following shifts:

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Name Title Email
Allen, Charles School Support Coordinator-Math
Althage, Marian Executive Master Teacher
Arellano, Gina Bilingual Intake / Registration Clerk
Baker, Kamala Director of Instructional Technology
Baltodano, Monica Bilingual Counselor
Beber, Shanna Literacy Coordinator
Bodenheimer, Jennifer Administrative Assistant
Boscareno, Jared School Support Coordinator-Social Studies
Boudreaux, Brandy Auxiliary Grants Coordinator
Bourgeois, Josephine Title I Clerk
Brady, Amanda School Support Coordinator-Science
Bucher, Karen Executive Director of School Support Elementary
Bullock, Courtney Instructional Technology Coordinator
Calante, Esther School Support Coordinator-English Language Learner
Callier, Viola Director of School Support
Cannon, Gini Grants Coordinator
Carter, LaDinah Executive Director of School Support High
Casiano-Mercado, Mayra Bilingual ELL Parent Liaison
Castillo, Karina Executive Director of English Language Equity and Acquisition
Cattles, Marcia Interpreter/Translator Liaison
Chaddock, Sara School Support Coordinator-Special Education
Chatelain, Dalia Bilingual Counselor
Chiasson, Jenna Executive Director of Teaching and Learning
Cooks, Denise SIS Help Desk Technician
Cooper, Debra Executive Director of School Support Middle
Dixon, Lashon School Support Coordinator-Math
Dugar, Naomi Bilingual Counselor
Farman, Chip SPED Testing Specialist
Ferreira, Osiris Bilingual Special Education Para
Francois, Jaime Title I Clerk
Gauthreaux, Yvette Director of Federal Compliance
Gautreau, Lisa Executive Director of Instructional Allocation
Girard, Ismae Administrative Assistant
Giron, Ana Bilingual Social Worker
Gray, James Chief of Schools
Hall, Abbie School Support Coordinator-ELA
Hayden, ShirMel Grant Writer
Hayes, Shawn Director of Teacher Development
Held, Maria School Support Coordinator-ELA
Henes, Anwar Bilingual Special Education Para
Hernandez, Areli Bilingual ELL Parent Liaison
Hernandez, Jasmine Bilingual Social Worker
Herndon, Karen Executive Director of Instructional Data and Accountability
Hunt, Angela SIS Training and Compliance Coordinator
Joia, Terri Hearing Officer
Lasalle, Breonne Literacy Coordinator
Lau, Migel School Support Coordinator-English Language Learner
Lejeune, Lucy Director of Career and Technical Education
Lesnak, Arvella Career and Technical Education Technician
Lusignan, Kevin Director of Data Management
Madere, Jeanne School Support Coordinator-K-2 ELA
Marroquin, Maria Interpreter/Translator Liaison
Mason, Kristen School Support Coordinator-Math
Matherne, Mia School Support Coordinator-Social Studies
Maze, Renetta Office Manager
Molbert, Susan Grants Coordinator
Morgan, Malekah Executive Director of Transformation
Mosquera, Mariana Bilingual Counselor
Newsham, Sandra School Support Coordinator-Social Studies
Nguyen, Melanie Director of Graduation Assurance
Nichols, Heather School Support Coordinator-ELA
Nunez, Emma Bilingual Intake/Registration Clerk
O’Neal, Decarlas School Support Coordinator-Special Education decarlas.o'
Olivier, Jessica School Support Coordinator-Special Education
Orellana, Livia Bilingual Special Education Para
Oubre, James School Support Coordinator-Science
Parker, Gloria School Support Coordinator-English Language Learner
Penton, Luisa Bilingual Intake / Registration Clerk
Pfister, Melissa Budget Analyst
Plaisance, Dodie Executive Director of School Support Elementary
Pockell, Myrna Manager 21st Century Grant
Prejean, Jeannine School Support Coordinator-Special Education
Prestenback, Heather School Support Coordinator-K-2 Math
Riad-Henes, Anwar Bilingual Special Education Para
Richard, Raychell Post-Secondary Readiness Coordinator
Rodrigue, Kristin Grants Coordinator
Schowalter, Sandra Fabrication Lab Coordinator
Scully, Annette Director of Early Childhood Education
Shields, Derek Development Specialist
Smith, Jessica School Support Coordinator-Math
Smith, Sabrina Director of School Support
Tompson, Jo Lynn Director of State Testing
Tran, Bang Migrant Parent Liaison
Tucker, Sue Early Childhood/Special Education Preschool Coach
VACANT Technology Integration Coordinator
VACANT Executive Master Teacher
VACANT School Support Coordinator-Science
Walton, Aneika Instructional Technology Assistant
Williams, Penny Administrative Assistant
Wisinski, Carmen Bilingual Social Worker
Zafirau, Stephen Director of Educator Performance