Technology : Help Desk

Thanks for contacting the Help Desk.

Please review the following list of people to contact for specific tech-related concerns who may help solve your issue before you submit a request.

Issue/Request Contact Person Contact Information
Accelerated Reader Teaching and Learning
Apple Products
(All issues other than
wi-fi connectivity)
Apple Care
1-800-800-2775 (Option 3)
Aztec Assistive Technology (504)349-7912
Blocking/Unblocking of
Website and Email Addresses
Teaching and Learning
Business Plus Lynne Gegenheimer
Cable TV Issue Cox Cable TV Cox Customer Services
Child Nutrition Verna Scully
CKLA Teaching and Learning
DBQ Online Teaching and Learning
Discovery Education Software Help Desk
Eagle JoLynn Tompson
Eureka Teaching and Learning
GMetrix Lucy Lejeune
Google Classroom Teaching and Learning
HMH Teaching and Learning
iReady Software Help Desk
Kurzweil Assistive Technology (504)349-7912
LEAP 2025 JoLynn Tompson
Learnzillion Teaching and Learning
Lexia Software Help Desk
PLATO Software Help Desk
Rosetta Stone Teaching and Learning
Science Scope and Sequence Teaching and Learning
Single Point of Entry Tornisha Bridgewater
Social Studies Scope and Sequence Teaching and Learning
Software Help Desk Software Help Desk
Studies Weekly Teaching and Learning
Unique Student Support Services
JPPSS Website Issue Webmaster
World Book Online Teaching and Learning
  • Any issue concerning email accounts, contact the Email Administrator by emailing:
  • For price quotes for ordering new hardware or software, please visit the Buytech site.
  • To request an E-waste pickup, please submit a Property Disposal Form.
  • If your laptop was stolen, please click here to submit a stolen laptop report.
After troubleshooting with the subject matter expert listed above, and it is determined that there is a computer-related issue, and not the application, please continue to the Help Desk Request Form.

Help Desk Request Form