Operations and Planning

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Name Title Email
Adams, Scott Project Manager
Alello, Lynn Executive Director of Transportation
Allen, Glenn Maintenance Foreman
Almerico, Michael Technical Support Technician
Arceneaux, Randolph Truck / Van Driver
Auguste, Guitho Truck / Van Driver
Babin-Middleton, Jessica Office Manager
Bailey, Wendel Assistant Plant Manager
Baker, Jason Technical Support Technician
Baldassaro, Charel Administrative Assistant
Baptiste, Winston Telecommunications Support Specialist
Bordelon, Keith Network Support Specialist
Brady, Allen Camera System Specialist
Bridgewater, Tornisha Maintenance Clerk
Broussard, LaFonya Maintenance Clerk
Bush, Christine 8 Hour Helper
Cambas, Frank Director of Technology
Cascio, Donnie Maintenance Foreman
Cheatham, David Plant Manager
Cianciminio, Kerri Administrative Assistant
Davis, Reginald Plant Manager Emenes Building
Delerno, Claire Executive Director of Food Services
Deroche, Catherine Administrative Assistant
DiCarlo, Vincent Executive Director of Technology (ACTING)
Dicken, Dolly Training & Safety Specialist
Dilworth, Melissa Data Analyst
Divinity, Levette Director of Transportation
Duhon, Wayne Assistant Custodian
Faust, Steve Project Manager
Ford, Wanda 7 Hour Technician, Warehouse Cafe
Fortmayer, Faye Warehouse Receptionist
Franklin, D’Andrea Cafe/Catering Manager
Gai, Christopher Truck / Van Driver
Gamble, Sherry Food Services Area Manager
Garcia, Tania Route Coordination Technician
Geer, Lale Chief Operations Officer
Giles, Patrick Graphics & Desktop Publishing Specialist
Gilmore, David Project Manager
Glover, Jeremy Network Support Specialist
Guidry, Brittany Project and Network Coordinator
Guthrie, Ryan HVAC Foreman
Harper, Jessica Programmer Analyst
Hernandez, Connie Route Coordination Technician
Hicks, Edna Help Desk Technician
Hidalgo, Jonathan Repair Shop Technician
Hill, Debra Help Desk Technician
Hooks, Jamie Director of Food Services
Horton, Brian Truck / Van Driver
Hufft, James Executive Director of Emergency and Risk Management
Jenkins, Dan Truck / Van Driver
Johnson, Joseph Technical Support Specialist
Joia, Kristy Planning Technician
Joseph, Robert Maintenance Foreman
Kelly, Donna 7 Hour Technician, Warehouse Cafe
Koob, Mary Food Services Area Manager
Lacoste, Denise Route Coordination Technician
Logan, Bennett Production Artist & Finisher
Lopez, Guillermo Repair Shop Technician
Lovell, Brandon Route Coordination Technician
Manson, Darlene Executive Director of Planning
Martin, Alfred Maintenance Foreman
McGee, Leon Pressman
McGraw, Tammi Pony Driver
Meaux, Donna 8 Hour Helper
Mendez, Luis Technical Support Technician
Mitchell, Althea Assistant Custodian
Moore, Jeriald 8 Hour Helper
Moorman, Linda Transportation Data Technician
Moses, Eddie Director of Warehouse Services
Murphy, David Food Services Dispatch Coordinator
Noble, Kelvin Assistant Custodian
Noel, Barbara 6 Hour Technician, Warehouse Cafe
Noel, Sarah 7 Hour Technician, Warehouse Cafe
Ochello, Charlie Director of Plant Services
Payadue, Jerome Operations Coordinator
Reine, Cynthia Pony Driver
Richmond, Karen Print Shop Director
Sanders, Marion Administrative Assistant
Scully, Verna Systems Application Technician
Simeon, Edward Technical Support Technician
Stiebing, Easton Technical Support Technician
Stoffle, Bill Project Manager
Stream, Douglass HVAC Foreman
Sylvester, James Plant Manager
Taylor, David Executive Director of Facilities and Maintenance
Theriot, Hedy Maintenance Clerk
Theriot, James (Jim) Training & Safety Specialist
Thoman, Angel Food Services Area Manager
Tucker, Daytona F&R Meal Application Manager
Turner, Shiera 8 Hour Helper Admin Bldg Annex
Walther, Philip Director of Maintenance
Warner, Gwen Food Services Substitute Manager
Wertz, Ketih Email Support Specialist
Wharton, Wanda Maintenance Clerk
Ziegel, Blaine Technical Support Technician