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The insurance department coordinates all of our employees’ comprehensive health, vision, dental, and group life insurance needs. The health insurance is offered through the Office of Group Benefits (OGB) and Blue Cross Blue Shield administers most of the health plans offered by the Office of Group Benefits. Vantage administers the Vantage Medical Home HMO plan.

The Office of Group Benefits website is This is an invaluable resource with quick links to health plans, health management, OGB newsletters, and reported fraud & abuse. TheOGB telephone number is 1-800-272-8451.

For an insurance appointment, please call 349-8564. Typically, appointments are scheduled on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Annual Enrollment Is Here

It’s that time of year again to start making elections for the 2019 calendar year. We are happy to announce that there will be NO increase to the medical plans offered through the Office of Group Benefits. Although there is a small increase to the dental premiums, we are able to continue vision with no rate increase. Below is a summary of changes and important plan information. Don’t miss your opportunity to restate your benefits, make changes, or enroll in our supplemental plan options.

JPPSS Annual Enrollment Schedule

2019 Colonial OE Booklet

2019 Medical Plan Comparison

Open enrollment begins September 24, 2018 – November 7, 2018.


Office of Group Benefits Changes

  • No plan design changes to any of the medical plans offered
  • Dependent Coverage for Children- Natural, Adopted, and Stepchildren (provided the parent is still married) can remain on the medical plan until age 26. Grandchildren who are unmarried and resides with and in legal custody of the enrollee can also have coverage until age 26. Dependents who are unmarried and in court-ordered legal custody/ guardianship of the enrollee will have coverage until age 18
  • Impaired Dependents- A covered child under the age of 26 who is or becomes incapable of self-sustaining employment may be eligible to continue coverage as an over-age dependent, if the Office of Group Benefits receives the required medical documents verifying the child’s incapacity before he or she reaches age 26

All medical changes must be processed through Human Resources. Please contact our insurance department at 504-349-8564 to schedule an appointment today. Additional documentation may be required when adding a dependent to your medical plan. OGB will allow enrollment changes from October 1, 2018- November 15, 2018. No changes will be made after the open enrollment period expires.

Dental Plan

  • No plan changes to the existing Guardian PPO plan; slight increase in premium
  • Each covered member has a $1,500 annual maximum. Orthodontia is covered at $1,000 lifetime maximum
  • Late entrant rules may apply to employee and/or dependents being added after the initial enrollment opportunity. Children under the age of 3 may be added without being considered a late entrant

Vision Plan

  • No plan changes to the existing Davis Vision Plan- offers coverage for routine eye exams and glasses or contacts

Supplemental Life Insurance

  • Hartford offers group life coverage for employees at 1, 2, or 3 times your annual salary. If you purchase additional coverage for yourself, you can also purchase coverage for a spouse and/or dependent children. Employees currently enrolled can elect one step in coverage without having to go through medical underwriting
  • The Office of Group Benefits offers additional life insurance through Prudential. You can purchase a Basic Life policy of $5,000 or elect up to $50,000 for Supplemental life. You may enroll in this coverage by contacting our Insurance Department
  • Colonial Insurance will be offering Universal Life and Whole Life Insurance options

Health Savings Account (HSA), Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Dependent Care Account (DCA)

  • Employees must make an election annually for the HSA, FSA, and DCA. These are pre-tax elections
  • Employees in Pelican HSA may contribute up to $3,500 as in individual and $7,000 for family
  • Employees may contribute up to $2,500 in the FSA and $5,000 in the DCA

Other Election Options

  • Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness, and Hospital Indemnity is offered through Colonial Insurance
  • Short Term Disability and Long Term Disability coverage is available through Cigna Insurance
  • Voya will be available to assist in enrolling in additional retirement funding options (403b and 457b plans)
  • Legal Shield is offering Identity Theft Protection and legal service options to all employees


All employees are strongly encouraged to meet with an enroller, even if you are not making any plan changes.

Employees making changes to medical, OGB Life, and those enrolled in the Pelican H.S.A. will participate in a two-part process: The employee will meet with an enroller and then follow-up with Human Resources to complete the appropriate OGB paperwork.  Both steps must be completed by November 15, 2018.

NOTE: After open enrollment, you cannot make changes to your coverage during the year unless you experience a change in family status, such as:

  • Loss or gain of coverage through your spouse/ Loss of eligibility of a covered dependent
  • Death of your covered spouse or child
  • Birth or adoption of a child
  • Marriage or divorce

You have 30 days from a change in family status to make changes to your current plan


Catapult Health Preventive Check-ups

Once again, JPPSS employees enrolled in a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana (BCBSLA) plan through the Office of Group Benefits can participate in the Live Better Louisiana wellness program. By participating in the program,  employees qualify to receive a premium credit of $120 off the total annual employee premium in 2020. Since this is an annual program, all participants who earned the discount for 2019 will need to complete a wellness check-up to earn the discount again in 2020.

To qualify:

1. Participate in an on-site wellness check-up or have your primary care physician complete the required paperwork.

  • On-site check-ups will be scheduled between two convenient locations:
    • JPPSS Westbank- Central Office
      Jefferson Parish Public Schools
      501 Manhattan Blvd
      Harvey, Louisiana 70058
    • Screening dates for Westbank location:  April 9-10; May 13-17; June 3-7; July 15-19; and August 1-2
    • JPPSS East Bank
      Paul Emenes Building
      822 S. Clearview Parkway
      Harahan, LA 70123
    • Screening dates for Eastbank location: May 6-7 & 9-10; June 17-21 and July 11-12 & 22-26

Employees must pre-register for the check-ups by visiting:

  • You can also have your doctor complete the CatapultHealthPrimaryCareProviderFormOGB02072019.  On the form, your doctor will report your lab and biometric values for you to receive credit for the reduction on your 2019 premium rate. The completed form must be returned to Catapult Health by 5:00 p.m. C.S.T. on August 31, 2019.
  • If you are pregnant and unable to participate in an on-site check-up, you and your physician can complete a Medical-Exemption-Form.pdf. The completed form must be returned to Catapult Health by 5:00 p.m. C.S.T. on August 31, 2019.

Please contact OGB customer service at 1-800-272-8451 with any questions regarding the premium credit.

Please note, no one at JPPSS will have access to any of your personal health information. Your checkup will be done by Catapult Health, an independent healthcare provider, and is designed to identify potential health issues before they become truly serious. Your individual results are strictly confidential.

Insurance Coverage Changes and Revocations

For Pre-Tax deductions, once you elect an insurance option, you can only change that option during the Annual Enrollment or Open Enrollment period unless you meet a qualifying event/family status change.  You must contact the JPPSS Insurance Team and complete the benefit change within thirty (30) calendar days of the qualifying event or family status change. Qualifying events/family status changes include:

  • Getting married, divorced, or legally separated
  • Birth, adoption, or placement of adoption of an eligible child
  • Death of your covered spouse or child
  • Change in your or your spouse’s work status that affects benefits eligibility (for example: starting a new job or leaving a job)
  • A change in your child’s eligibility for benefits
  • Becoming eligible for Medicare or Medicaid
  • A significant change in your spouse’s health coverage attributable to your spouse’s employment

Important: Adding Newborns and Adopted Children to Insurance Coverage

  • To add a newborn as a dependent on your medical insurance coverage, you must provide the JPPSS insurance department with a birth certificate or a copy of the birth letter within 30 days of the child’s birth date. The birth letter will suffice as proof of parentage only if it contains the relationship of the child to the JPPSS employee with the medical insurance. If the birth certificate or birth letter is not received within 30 days, the child cannot be added until the next annual enrollment period. To schedule an appointment with the JPPSS insurance team, please call 504-349-8564.
  • To add an adopted child, you must provide the insurance department with legal adoption papers within 30 days of the child’s adoption date. To add a child placed for adoption with you, you must provide the insurance department with the adoption placement agreement or an act of surrender and Clerk of Court certification in compliance with La.R.S. 22:1004 within 30 days of the child’s placement for adoption with you. If these legal adoption papers are not received within the 30-day timeframe, enrollment cannot take place until the next annual enrollment period, unless you experience another qualified life event that supports the addition of the child to the plan. To schedule an appointment with the JPPSS insurance team, please call 504-349-8564.
  • While OGB will need the social security card for every person on the plan, the social security card is not a requirement for initial enrollment for a newborn or adopted/placed child.  Please remember to send the JPPSS insurance department the social security card upon receipt, preferably within 90 days of the birth/adoption.

Helpful Insurance Resources: (Please check here frequently for information updates)