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501 Manhattan Blvd.
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About Us

The office of human capital (HC) provides a broad array of services for all JPPSS employees. From hiring to retirement and everything in between, there is someone in HC to assist. We serve both classified and certified employees. Recruitment, classified and certified hiring, new teacher induction, employment verification, certification updates, highly qualified designation, evaluation, tuition reimbursement, insurance, retirement, and workman’s compensation services are all located in the district’s administration building at 501 Manhattan Blvd.

To help assist in getting your human capital questions or concerns to the right individual, please see the following helpful numbers:

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Programs and Services

Employee Services

Employee Services:  The employee services team is responsible new hire on boarding.  Specifically, the team is responsible for all aspects of the on boarding process, including paperwork, previous experience verification, and compensation.

In addition to new hire on boarding, the employee services team is also responsible for employee transfers, salary changes, previous experience verification, and current income verification to third parties.

Retirement:  The retirement department coordinates all of our employees’ retirement concerns with the state retirement systems.

Insurance:  The JPPSS insurance department coordinates all of our employees’ comprehensive health and group life insurance needs.

Recruitment and Selection

The role of the recruitment and selection team is to ensure the highest caliber and the most diverse pool of applicants, both internal and external, for each position, and to ensure the continuous development and retention of the entire staff of employees.

Support Performance

The support performance team is responsible for the design and implementation of all district performance evaluations for central office support staff and all non-instructional employees.

Human Capital Resources

Visit page to access human capital resources.

Contact Us

Name Title Email
Brown, Doris Human Capital Receptionist
Brown, Garri L. Executive Director of Employee Services
Brown, Jarold Insurance Technician
Chauvin, Holly Classified Staffing Specialist
Coburn, Katie Director, Instructional Performance Management
Dawson, Enjolie Support Performance Specialist
Doakes, LaRonda Employment Technician
Ellis, Sybil Employment Technician
Engeron, Janet Insurance Technician
Feirn, Toni Leave and Sabbatical Technician
Frazier, Candice Director of Benefits
Guillory-Elow, Antoinette Intake/Fingerprinting Technician
Joseph, Donna Acting Chief Human Capital Officer
Larce, Ariel Retirement Technician
Ledet, Penny Employee Services Administrative Assistant
Leonard, Angele Retirement Technician
Meche, Joshua Staffing Specialist
Medina, Patricia Receptionist
Mitchell, Evonne Staffing Specialist
Moore, Katherine Support Performance Specialist
Patton, Jane Acting Director of Worker's Compensation and Leaves
Prejean, Tonya Benefits Manager
Reyes, Angela Insurance Technician
Richard, Laura Receptionist
Schroeder, Cheri Employment Technician
Smith, Debra Employment Technician
Sternberg, Breland Instructional Performance Specialist
Strumphler, Marceline Instructional Performance Specialist
Thibodaux, Heidi Administrative Assistant/Applitrack System Manager
Trahant, Marianne Director of Personnel Services
VanNorman, Carolyn Executive Director of Performance Management
Wexelberg, Debbie Employment Technician
Zelaya, Berta Human Capital Office Manager
Zimmerman, Bonnie Human Capital Technician