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This page houses all information related to the performance management process for instructional employees for the 2016-2017 school year.


Compass Information System (CIS)
The Compass Information System is the online portal where evaluation information for instructional employees is stored, and where these employees enter SLTs. The system is accessed at the following link: 
** Make sure you disable any Pop-up Blockers.

Goal-Setting Training Documents
LDE Principal Teaching and Learning Guidebook

Who is Evaluated in Compass?
Reference the following chart to ensure you evaluate all employees at your school according to the correct guidance:
Position Evaluation Chart – ADDED 7/28/14

JPPSS Compass Timelines & Information:
2016-2017 COMPASS Timelines Evaluators – Added 8/5/2016
2016-2017 COMPASS Timelines Employees – Added 8/5/2016

Timelines for TAP Schools (Region I ONLY)
2016-2017 TAP Timelines Evaluators – Added 8/5/2016
2016-2017 TAP Timelines Employees – Added 8/5/2016

Observation Rubrics and Resources:
Compass Teacher Rubric
Compass Leader Rubric
Compass Counselor Rubric
Compass Librarian Rubric

Librarian Observation Template

Resource for Evaluators of Teachers of Students with Significant Disabilities

Professional Growth Plan (PGP) Resources:
PGP Guide 2016-2017

Accessing Prior Year Compass Information in CIS:
Accessing Prior Year Compass Information


Notes for Accessing SLT Guides:

  1. Use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome internet browsers to download the calculators.
  2. If prompted, click “Continue” or “Enable Content” in Excel to edit the calculator.
  3. To print the entire document, select File and Print. Under the Settings heading, click “Print Active Sheets” and change that selection to “Print Entire Workbook.”

Multiple Grade Level DCCA Baseline Data Document
Gathering Class Baseline Data

SLT Guides: 

Pre-K Guidance – Added 8/5/2016

K-3 ELA Guidance – Added 8/5/2016
4-8 ELA Guidance – Updated 9/7/2016

K-3 Math Guidance – Added 8/5/2016
4-8 Math Guidance – Updated 9/7/2016

3rd grade Science Guidance – Added 8/5/2016
4-8 Science Guidance – Added 8/5/2016

Social Studies:
3-8 Social Studies Guidance – Added 8/5/2016

Algebra I:
Algebra I Guidance – Added 8/5/2016

Geometry Guidance – Added 8/5/2016

US History:
US History Guidance – Added 8/5/2016

Biology Guidance – Added 8/5/2016

English II:
English II Guidance – Added 8/5/2016

English III:
English III Guidance – Added 8/5/2016

11th Grade Math:
11th-grade-math-guidance – Updated 9/20/2016

11th Grade Science:
11th-grade-science-guidance – Updated 9/20/2016

AP/IB Tests:
AP & IB Assessments Guidance – Added 8/5/2016

READ 180:
READ 180 Guidance – Added 8/5/2016

Teacher-Created Assessments for all other grades/subjects (including Foreign Language, Librarians, IBC):
Teacher Created Assessment Guidance – Added 8/5/2016

Health/Physical Education:
Health & PE Guidance – Added 8/5/2016

English as a Second Language (ESL):
K-8 ESL ELDA Guidance – Added 8/5/2016
HS ESL Newcomer and Beginner Guidance – Updated 10/3/2016
HS ESL Intermediate & Advanced Guidance – Added 8/5/2016

Special Education:
Special Education – How to Choose Your SLTs
Pre-K Special Education Guidance – Added 8/5/2016
Special Education UNIQUE Guidance – Added 8/5/2016

2016-17 Librarian SLT Guide – Added 9/1/2016
Librarian SLT Guidance – Added 9/1/2016

SLT Late Hire Guidance
K-8 Late Hire Guidance – Added 10/3/2016
K – 8 Late Hire Calculator-Added 10/3/2016

High School Late Hire Guidance – Added 10/3/2016
High School Late Hire Calculator A   – Added 10/3/2016
High School Late Hire Calculator B –  Added 10/3/2016


Evaluator Guide – SLTs 16-17

SLTs at a Glance
2016-17 Pre-K through 8th Grade SLTs At-a-Glance – Added 8/5/2016
2016-17 9th through 12th Grade SLTs At-a-Glance – Added 8/5/2016

SLT Checklists

SLT Acceptance Checklist – Added 9/20/2016
Quality Assessment Checklist

Accessing PowerSchool Assessment Data
Accessing Assessment Data in PowerSchool – Added 9/1/2016


IAP Form
IAP Follow Up Form
Administrative or Special Conference Form


Checklist for Completing the 16-17 Compass Process (added 4/20/2017)

Completing the Compass Process.Evaluators Guide (added 4/20/2017) Step-by-step directions for evaluators to complete Compass Evaluations

Reporting SLT Results in CIS (added 4/20/2017) Directions for employees

CLASS-to-COMPASS Conversion (added 4/28/2017) Use this document to convert Pre-K teachers’ CLASS rating to a COMPASS rating for the Final Evaluation Professional Practice score.

Teacher Average with Exclusions (added 5/16/2017) Teachers can use this document to calculate a class average score after excluded students have been removed.


Directions for Completing 4th-8th ELA, Math, Science Teachers’ Evaluations (added 4/20/2017) This document contains information and a form to be completed and signed by any employee with LEAP SLTs.
Exclusion from Results Form (added 4/20/2017) This form must be completed in Infinite Campus (run the SQL report: SLT Attendance) if the employee has a roster in Infinite Campus. If no roster exists, the employee must complete this form.
Baseline Amendment Form (added 4/20/2017) Please read the top of the form to determine if your SLT meets the amendment criteria before completing.
Grievance Process Notification Form (updated 4/24/2017)

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If you have Instructional Performance/Compass/CIS questions, please reach out to the following Network Contacts:

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Darvell’s Region: Breland Sternberg,, 349-7854
Peggy’s Region: Marian Althage,, 349-7845

*Viola’s Region is divided between the three contacts listed above. See the Region 3 Compass Contact List for your school’s contact.

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