Superintendent Councils

In May of this year, Superintendent Dr. Cade Brumley set out to see the Jefferson Parish Public School System (JPPSS) with a fresh set of eyes through his 100 day-plan. During his first 100 days he created councils to gather stakeholder input for important decisions within the district. These councils compliment the work that is already taking place to make Jefferson Parish the most improved district in the state of Louisiana.

Superintendent’s Parent Council:

This council will build and strengthen family and school partnerships which are essential for helping students achieve at their maximum potential. Superintendent Brumley believes a strong parent collaborative is an important component of helping all students achieve their academic goals. The Council members will be particularly focused on how to increase parent and family engagement to ensure student academic success.

Current Members:
  • Arnold, Tabbatha – Bonnabel Magnet Academy
  • Barnes, Samantha – Lincoln Elementary
  • Bibbins, Shalanda – Thibodeaux, Myrtle C Elementary
  • Comeaux, Erin – Alexander, A.C. Elementary
  • Dinet, Garelyn – Kerner, Leo E. Jr. Elementary
  • Gutierrez, Patricia – Riverdale Middle
  • Hunt, Angela Manino – Birney, Alice Elementary
  • Jones, Crystal – Gretna no. 2 Academy
  • Larry, Alexis – Cox, George A. Elementary
  • Palmer, Todd – Airline Park Elementary
  • Perrin, Amy – Fisher Middle/High
  • Reed, Anne Reed – Dolhonde Elementary
  • Schmidt IV, William – Bissonet Plaza Elementary
  • Usery, Kelly – Haynes Academy

Superintendent’s Principal Council:

This council is designed to provide council members with an avenue/outlet to solve instructional and administrative challenges that exist on the school and district level.

Bordlee, Suzanna Kerner, Leo E. Jr. Elementary
Chiasson, LeighAnn Harris, Midlred Elementary
Grabert, Angela Pittman, Ella C. Elementary
Hamilton, Demetria McDonogh 26 Elementary
Moscona, Ben Bridgedale Elementary
Starr, John Riviere, Marie Elementary
Warner, Tamara Gretna no. 2
Beber, Jason Adams, John Q. Middle
Biagas, Michelle Worley, Stella Middle
Conforto, Christina Marrero, L. H. Middle
Hayes, Davon Livaudais Middle
Johnson, Terry Truman, Harry S. Middle
Miller, Emily Ruppel, L. W. Academy
Pollard-Hill, Lashana Ford, Henry Middle
Meggs, Sharon King, Grace High
Perry, Mark Cox, Helen High
Vincent, Andrew Jefferson, Thomas High
Yunusah, Danielle Riverdale High

Superintendent’s Special Education Council (SSEC):

This council will discuss and provide meaningful feedback to the Superintendent regarding special education policies, procedures, and resources. Additionally, this council will be tasked with increasing the level of support and collaboration through engagement and education to the community at large as it relates to special education in the Jefferson Parish Public Schools. This council will advise and advocate, not decide policy.

  • Allen, Michelle
  • Becker, Rebekah
  • Carpenter, Denise
  • Chan, K. Denise
  • Coulon, Jenenne
  • Glapion, Felice
  • Griffon, Meg
  • Harris-Turner, Alisare
  • Jacob, Mary
  • Katicich, Heather
  • Dr. Louis, Deidre
  • Maher, Gina
  • Miller, Diedra
  • Nata, Laura
  • Norman, Desirae
  • Ottallah, Rana
  • Rogers, Sherman
  • Santos, Santa
  • Seymour, Lacey
  • Taylor, Brandi

Superintendent’s Student Leadership Council (SLC):

This council provides a forum for direct communication between JPPSS students and the Superintendent. As SCL members, students will share their voice on a variety of topics, work to create solutions for select issues that are important to students and JPPSS, and increase their leadership skills.

Bonnabel Magnet Academy Smith, Isaiah
Mota, Miledy
Cox, Helen High Baldwin, Clinton
Thabata, Waseem
East Jefferson High Ursin, Aalysia
Benitez, Alexis
Ehret, John High Kent, Xavier
Parker, Elijah
Fisher High Delatte, Morgan
Boutte, Emerson
Haynes Academy Baisier, Olivia
Pelligrin, Anjali
Higgins, L.W. High Toney, Treonda
LeBoeuf, Juliette
King, Grace High Pittman, Nyah
Lozano, Haleigh
Riverdale High Riley, Kayla
Price, Cameron
Taylor, Patrick F. Academy Ringo, Aiyana
Mesa, Dominic
Jefferson, Thomas High Pabon-Trinidad, Natanael
Shelton, Kaitlyn
West Jefferson High Taylor, Olivia
Laws, Ashleigh
Grande Isle High Bradberry, Noah

Superintendent’s Teacher Council:

This council provides the Superintendent with teachers’ insights, suggestions and perspectives on critical issues in JPPSS. This council will work to inform the Superintendent with qualitative and quantitative data that will enable him to make better instructional and administrative decisions that will ultimately assist JPPSS in becoming the highest improved district in the state.

  • Ahman, Faten – Johnson/Gretna Park Elementary
  • Bergeron, Elaina – Grace King High
  • Colgan, Lori – Riverdale Middle
  • Christ, Steven – Livaudias Middle
  • Fox, Deborah – Airline Park Elementary
  • Garon, Sarah – Estelle Elementary
  • Grant, Ambrosia – Roosevelt Middle
  • Guitterrez, Monique – Bissonet Elementary
  • Haynes, Rebeka – Greenlawn Terrace Elementary
  • Jones, Tangenia – Solis Elementary
  • Meehan, Stacy – J.C. Ellis Elementary
  • Orgeron, Holly – Ellender School
  • Pineda, Brittany – East Jefferson High
  • Pollard, Tamica – Truman Middle
  • Russo, Erika – Grace King High
  • Sauviac, Brandi – Meisler Middle
  • Schmidt, Stephanie – Bissonet Elementary
  • Sittig, Diana – A.C. Alexander Elementary
  • Tate, Kyle – West Jefferson High
  • Wooldridge, Cynthia – Haynes Academy