Breakfast Delivered

Students pulling red and blue carrying cases zigzag all across Terrytown Elementary School every morning delivering breakfast in the classroom.

Breakfast in the Classroom is an alternate meal program that provides nutritionally balanced breakfast that is delivered right to students’ homerooms.

This is especially helpful at Terrytown.

“We have such a large campus in terms of number of students that I wanted to ensure that everyone got breakfast,” said principal Christopher Joyce.

Last school year, more than 500 hundred students participated in the breakfast program, which served breakfast in the cafeteria, and according to Joyce, it was a logistical nightmare causing students to lose valuable instruction time.

With this alternate program, students arrive in their classrooms by 8:20 a.m. for breakfast in homeroom, helping to reduce tardiness and absences.

Fourth grader Noah Coto likes the program.

“ Sometimes I wake up late and I don’t get to have breakfast so I can eat at school and I don’t have to eat at the last minute and almost miss the bus.”

Teachers can use breakfast time to build classroom communities where they can develop relationships with students and talk about subjects other than academics such as character building.

“By the time my announcements are finished at 8:45 a.m., I know that all my 900 students have been fed,” Joyce said.

A good breakfast helps students stay focused and they behave better.

“It’s important for students to eat a healthy breakfast because it satisfies them so they are not thinking about their hunger and they can do what they’re supposed to do and have energy to carry them throughout the day,” said Joyce.

According to Joyce, they know that every single day they get two meals. It’s food that they can count on. In addition, it offers a leadership opportunity to all the students who bring up the carts every day.

“They feel special,” he said.