Board Secretary Announces Retirement

Longtime Jefferson Parish School Board Secretary Cindy Landry will retire at the end of the year.

At the December School Board meeting, Landry was honored for her work with a surprise video of her colleagues offering remembrances of their time with Landry.

Landry began her tenure with the District in 1985 as the principal’s secretary at Miller Wall Elementary. She then moved to central office as the secretary in the math department and later became the instructional processor of the instruction department, working for Janet McLin, Etta S. Licciardi and retired superintendent Diane Roussel. In 2004, she was named board secretary.

Sharon Hunter, the Superintendent’s secretary, met Landry in 2003, and the two became friends immediately.

“Cindy told me that if I ever needed anything, not to hesitate to call her – and she lived up to that,” said Hunter. “Every time I called her – and I called a lot at first because I was new to instruction – she was right there and led me in the right direction.

“What makes Cindy so special and unique is her personality. Cindy works so hard she’s almost like a perfectionist. She has a memory like a computer. She has so much knowledge. I think that she’s brought so much to my professional life here at JPPSS. She’s worked tirelessly and I hope she takes time out to do what she enjoys to do.”

Board member Etta Licciardi has known Landry since the late 1990s when Licciardi served as the curriculum chief for the district.

“Cindy is intelligent, organized, capable at all times personable and professional at all times and always finishes every task assigned,” said Licciardi. “As a board member, I got to know her not only as the board secretary, but when I was president of the board, her organizational skills were so important to the board president. She’s a wonderful person and someone that everyone should get to know. It’s going to be difficult for someone to fill her shoes.  She’s more than a colleague – she’s a friend.”

Current board president Mark Jacobs says he has enjoyed working with Landry this year.

“I find that Cindy is very hard working,” said Jacobs. “She’s always in the office bright and early in the morning and stays late. She’s always there for me when I call. We’ve had a very busy year and she has been a trooper getting everything ready for the school board meetings. It’s her service, commitment, and dedication to the system that truly benefits the president and the board.”

Superintendent James Meza says that he has been impressed with Landry from his first day.

“From day one, she was always helping me to do what was best for the system,” said Meza. “What makes Cindy so special is her love for the children, teachers and employees of our system. It is because of Cindy that we were able to do so much in my first year. She also has this spirit of care and concern for the leaders of our school system. For me she has been a special confidant.”