Anti-Bullying Awareness Reason to Celebrate at Grace King High

IMG_6699They rallied around homecoming. They rallied around school pride. But most importantly, Grace King High School students and staff rallied against bullying. The band played, students celebrated and spoke out, and the Grace King gym was festive during the school’s rally Thursday morning as part of the Jefferson Parish Public School System’s Anti-Bullying Week.

“I think it’s good we’re having this assembly because bullying isn’t right and it needs to stop,” said Grace King junior Amber Labeaud.

Grace King student leaders shared personal accounts and factual information as part of the anti-bullying program. Introduced during the rally, the homecoming court played many of the speaking roles. But this wasn’t acting for the students. Bullying is a real life issue they take serious.

“I think it’s important to have an event like this to protect our students,” said Grace King sophomore Savanna Carpenter. “It lets them know that bullying is wrong and there is a way that we can stop it, and that we can make things better.”

Blue was the day’s designated color for anti-bullying. Many students wore blue, and the homecoming court released blue balloons into the air near the end of the rally. The event allowed students to show their unified stance against bullying in hopes that it lasts well beyond this special week.

“It’s a way to prevent bullying,” said Grace King junior Gissely Borrayo. “Maybe we can all come together as one and not bully others.”