Acting Superintendent Proposes Reorganization of Central Office

Acting superintendent Dr. James Meza presented his proposal for reorganization of the system’s central office to the school board at its September meeting as the second phase of his plan to place resources and support closer to the schools.

Under Meza’s reorganization plan, the current system of 13 assistant superintendents would be reduced to five reporting directly to the superintendent.  The plan also includes that schools would be placed in one of six networks based on their needs under the direction of a network executive director who will assure that the schools receive the resources they need to improve student performance. Those networks are:  Advanced Academy, Regional #1, Regional #2, Regional #3, Alternative Schools, and Turnaround Schools.

Meza’s reorganization plan is based on research from the Center on Reinventing Public Education at the University of Washington that has already been implemented at some of the country’s larger urban school systems.

Meza’s reorganization will take place in three stages: launching the network structure by January 2012, redefining central office roles and responsibilities by May 2012, and implementing the full system by December 2012.