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Leadership : Superintendent

Dr. Cade Brumley

Dr. Cade Brumley is a true product of the public school system. He was educated in Louisiana public schools and has spent his entire career serving children and families as a public schools employee. Prior to becoming Jefferson Parish Public School System Superintendent, he was a teacher, coach, assistant principal, principal, and assistant superintendent. Dr. Brumley served as DeSoto Parish School System Superintendent for six years. In that time, he helped DeSoto become an A-rated district.

Dr. Brumley outlined his initial goals for JPPSS in his 100-day entry plan, Love to Learn; Learn to Lead: A 100-Day Investment for a Stronger JPPSS. The strategies guiding his plan are to listen, learn, and lead. Through public forums and listening sessions, roundtable sessions with students and teachers, home visits, tours of small businesses, and by carefully analyzing all aspects of the district, Dr. Brumley is focused on learning from all stakeholders and building a strong foundation for more long term plans. Some of his early commitments include:

  1. A Transformation Zone to provide extra support and resources for our highest-need schools as part of an equity agenda.
  2. A Student Advisory Council to inform him on student perspectives
  3. An Educator’s Compensation Working Group to provide findings
  4. A JPPSS Graduate Profile to inform the specific skills and competencies students should have when they graduate
  5. An external review of the JPPSS budget to determine efficiency of resource allocation

You can keep up with Dr. Brumley on Twitter at @cadebrumley.