3 JPPSS Schools Earn State High Performing High Poverty Honor

Three elementary schools in the Jefferson Parish Public School System earned the High Performing – High Poverty honor from the state Department of Education.

Bissonet Plaza, J.C. Ellis, and Greenlawn Terrace elementary schools have been identified by the state agency for overcoming the challenges associated with educating large populations of poor and minority children.  This is the second consecutive year Greenlawn Terrace has earned the HPHP honor.  This is the fourth year the department has recognized schools.  A total of 56 schools have earned the High Performing – High Poverty distinction.  The schools will be honored in the spring.

To earn the High-Performing, High-Poverty (HPHP) designation, schools must meet the following criteria: A baseline School Performance Score (SPS) of 100 or higher for two consecutive years and at least 65 percent of the school’s population must be enrolled in the federally-funded free or reduced-price meal program.

Over the past two years, the department has been collaborating with HPHP schools to study their success in order to integrate school leader programs to improve low-performing schools. Additionally, the agency has developed a “Leadership Training Guide,” which identifies supplemental resources and outlines essential instructional strategies and practices utilized by HPHP school leaders to raise academic achievement in their schools.