2015 JPPSS Voluntary Transfer Process

There will be two opportunities for JPPSS employees to take advantage of the 2015 Voluntary Transfer Process. The Spring VTP will take place April 13 through May 29. The Summer VTP will take place July 13-17. Read below for important information about the 2015 VTP. If you have questions, contact

What types of employees are eligible for the Voluntary Transfer Process (VTP)?
The Voluntary Transfer Process is for certificated teachers, deans, assistant principals, counselors, and para-professionals. This is the first year the district will offer two transfer windows, one in the spring and one in the summer. The Summer window will give employees one additional week to reach Mutual Consent for positions that were not available in the spring.

Who is eligible for transfer?
Certificated teachers, deans, assistant principals, counselors, and para-professionals are eligible for transfer if they:

  • Have a minimum of 2 years of experience in JPPSS at their current school
  • Hold a valid (up to date) Louisiana teacher certificate in the requested subject-area vacancy (certificated employees only)
  • Are currently NOT on any level of an Intensive Assistance Plan (IAP)

How do I participate in the Voluntary Transfer Process?
Eligible employees who desire to participate in the Spring or Summer VTP are required to complete an Internal Application /Transfer Form online during the transfer Spring window (April 13-May 29). This is the ONLY time applications will be accepted for both transfer windows.

  • The window for transfer opens April 13, 2015. Employees begin the process by completing a Transfer Request online at (
  • Once on the application site, scroll down to Internal Applicant, click on “Submit an internal application/transfer form.”
  • Click “Start” to begin the application process. When you get to the Vacancy Desired Page, click on 2015 Teacher Transfer Request or 2015 Paraprofessional Transfer Request.
  • Complete the remainder of the application and then click submit. Your request will not be processed until you click submit.

What happens after I complete my internal application/transfer form?

  • Human Capital will begin reviewing requests April 20, 2015, and you will be notified via email with an approval or denial letter. If approved, you should go back into your application and on the Vacancy Desired Page, click on desired positions for which you qualify. You must then submit your application. Your application will then be forwarded to the principal(s). NOTE: Your application will not be forwarded if you do not click submit. You MUST present the principal with a copy of your approval letter in order to interview.
  • Principals will review applications and schedule interviews accordingly.
  • Once a Principal has selected an applicant for a position, the Principal will make a formal job offer. If the applicant accepts the job offer, the Principal and applicant will complete a Mutual Consent Form (original signatures required). The Principal will then submit the Mutual Consent Form to Human Capital to process the transfer. Human Capital will notify the Principal who is losing an employee (due to transfer) of his/her new vacancy.
  • In the event more than one Principal makes a formal job offer to an applicant, the applicant’s choice will prevail.
  • The posting of vacancies will be an on-going process during the transfer window. As transferring teachers reach mutual consent for 2015-2016, the positions they are leaving will be posted as vacancies.
  • Applicants and Principals are encouraged to monitor the site frequently/daily during the transfer window. Applicants should apply for desired positions as they become available. As positions are filled, new vacancies are created, thus monitoring the site daily is essential. New positions are regularly created through retirements, sick leaves, resignations, and for various other reasons. As new vacancies are posted online, you will need to repeat the process to apply for new positions as they become available.

What happens after the Voluntary Transfer Process?

  • Once a Mutual Consent has been signed by the Principal and employee, the Mutual Consent CANNOT be rescinded. The VTP will then be closed to the employee for the 2015-2016 school year. The employee is not eligible for another transfer for a period of two years.

No principal may discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, gender, age, disability, genetics, marital status, sexual orientation, religion or veteran status or any other legally protected activities or characteristics in the transfer process.


Please forward all questions via email to

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**NOTE: The window to apply for the Spring and/or Summer VTP is (April 13-May 29). This is the ONLY time applications will be accepted for both transfer windows. There will be no second application.