100-Day Plan Progress Update

Ensuring a safe learning environment for all children, working towards more competitive teacher pay, and building positive relationships with the community are just some of the goals outlined in the 100-day entry plan of new Jefferson Parish Public School System Superintendent Dr. Cade Brumley.

Dr. Brumley publicly presented his full plan on March 28 at Terrytown Elementary. The plan is called Love to Learn; Learn to Lead: A 100-Day Investment For A Stronger JPPSS.

“With the information I learn during my first 100 days, I’ll be better prepared to lead us into the future,” said Dr. Brumley. “That’s the crux of this plan. It highlights my love to learn, and that learning will equip me to lead.”

The 100-day entry plan outlines specific strategies to help Dr. Brumley and his leadership team understand strengths and challenges faced by JPPSS students, employees, families, and the community. The information learned during the first 100 days will serve as the foundation for more long term goals.

The Martin Marino’s Dance challenge is just one of the many local community events and festivals that Dr. Brumley has attended.

100 Day Entry Plan

Below is a table tracking Dr. Brumley’s current progress as the district goes through the next 100 days. For a more detailed view of what Dr. Brumley has been up to on a weekly basis, click one of the following links.

Weekly Updates

I will conduct school visits in every district,
hosting roundtable sessions with students,
educators, and families
I will spend a day shadowing a student Completed
I will spend a day as a classroom teacher Completed
I will attend school performances Completed
I will attend high school graduations Completed
I will conduct home visits Completed
I will host individual or group listening
sessions with business leaders, union leaders,
university leaders, and faith leaders
I will tour a small business in each district Scheduled
I will conduct individual listening sessions
with each school board member
I will meet with local and state elected
I will conduct a town hall meeting in all nine
Jefferson Parish districts
I will attend local community events
and festivals
I will host multiple Twitter chats
from @cadebrumley
I will analyze all aspects of the district’s
academic performance and student
I will develop knowledge of the district’s
finances, technology, operations, talent
management, and communications
I will facilitate a comprehensive compensation review to help ensure we are attracting and
retaining the best employees by paying them fairly and competitively
I will engage various stakeholders to support
data analysis and identify key trends
I will identify an external partner to conduct
an equity analysis of all JPPSS functions
I will provide regular progress updates on the
100-day entry plan
I will prepare a public report and presentation
of my 100-day entry plan findings
I will begin to implement strategies to solidify
strengths and overcome challenges
I will develop a timeline for a strategic plan Completed